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art by artist Kristie Hubler on products at,,, and to print onto inkjet printer fabric as crafts, epatterns

Hi my name is Kristie Hubler, and I am an artist, product designer, fabric / surface designer, & inventor. I would describe my art as girly, out of the box …but I’ve created some concepts for guys, when the time is called upon to do so lol

I have soft hand to my work, I love bold color though. My influences are, well, without question, Georges Seurat, for one, not just Parisian themes and the aesthetics of art in general, but the mechanics of the techniques in art, and how we see the world differently through new movements, new mediums. I am enticed by flowers and berries, love texture, round, curvy elements, abstract squiggles & shapes, romantic notions, feeling. My characters, animals, humans, and creatures are said to be more animated. I love architectural features, I have an associate degree in interior design, love perspective renderings.

As the author of “Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Picture Frames”, and owner of , available at and , I have created a way to get my art onto fabric crafts, home decor, gifts, jewelry, accessories, kitchen textiles, & more, using June Tailor and Printed Treasures inkjet fabric sheet, and Thermoweb fusible web, fabric adhesive. I have invented a way to make fabric picture frames washable, sewn – soon to be no sew, washable crafts, where the structure is multiple fabric panels fused with inexpensive fabric adhesive by Thermoweb, used as patterns and gives structure to the frames, sewn together ( no sew projects soon), ribbon, thread, mat board for slide out boards for the easel back and strut leg boards, and an office supply, acid free, clear sheet protector, that gets cut to the size of the photo and used as the protective photo sleeve. I have also invented a washable, sewn, or no sew, fabric costume jewelry brooch pin, with a pocket for the removable pin back, and a back panel with 2 holes that holds the pin mechanisms in place. To top that, I then invented a house shaped oven mitt / pot holder, with a pocket in the front, ironing board fabric on the back, my art can be printed on inkjet fabric sheets, and seam binding edges the outside of the mitt, inside there is quilted fabric with batting between layers, and these pot holder trivets, along with the oven mitt gloves are very insulated.

I have sold my art on products, for sale on and -

art on area rugs, bedding, curtains, shower curtains, picture frames, oven mitts & pot holders, scarves, diaper bags, bags, 70″ round tablecloths, wine stoppers, Men’s slip-on shoes, neck ties, tie clips, pillows, money clips, jewelry,serving trays, Samsung 4 and other electronic cases and sleeves, flip flops, & more at

art by Kristie Hubler on products such as kitchen towels, jewelry, postage, pillows, light switch covers, ties, binders, dinner plates, lampshades, bags, skins, cases, sleeves, leggings, sandals, pacifiers, & more at:

My fabric designs are available to buy by the yard, fat quarter, or swatch at

My profile is where you can reach me, follow my work, see the sales at cafepress and zazzle, which are VERY frequent – we’re talking 30% to 50% off any given day, I post the coupon code updates through the day, daily. Be forewarned, I am a #hashtag-oholic! :D
Thank you for taking the time out to read this, and if you have any questions or want to contact me, please don’t hesitate!

Thank you!
Kristie Hubler
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Last fiscal “quarter”, 4th quarter 2013, I became a business partner with, the craft notions company that makes fabric adhesive, it’s a fusible web, iron on, paper backed, acid free Ultrahold Heat N Bond, Featherlite, Heat N Bond Lite, and Fabric Fuse. I have used Ultrahold, the acid free fabric adhesive fusible web of their’s since 2000, since I invented my fabric picture frames for photos and art. I started using Thermoweb on my non washable fabric picture frames, where I had mat board parts covered with fabric and Thermoweb, hot glue, and easel hinges and hangers, pressed in with a hinge and hanger press.

Shortly before the press broke, I invented a way to make the frames without using the easel hinges and hangers, using fabric, still using Thermoweb, ribbon, mat board, hot glue – this time, I separated the mat board strut leg into 2 pieces, but still used the Thermoweb in the same way, only where the strut leg was split in two, that is where I ironed both Thermoweb fused fabric pieces on either side together, making a hinge, and just added ribbon to the bottom of the strut leg, and connected it to the fabric covered easel back, and IT WORKED!

Now, how to make the fabric photo frame washable and sewn? I went back to sewing, I tried a few ways, and finally nailed it, and invented the washable, sewn, fabric picture frame. Still using Thermoweb ironed on, fused to the back of the fabric panel parts, the Thermoweb fabric adhesive UItrahold acted as the patterns, the panel parts, with fabric fused to them, iron down flaps, sewn fused fabric parts, then all finished fabric parts were sewn together, making a pocket in the front for the photo, and it’s acid free, clear sheet protector cut up photo sleeve, to display, a pocket on the back for the easel back board, and a pocket on the back for the strut leg board, to slide in and out easily, with a ribbon connecting the bottom of the strut leg pocket to the easel back panel, the top of the strut leg pocket was sewn to the easel back panel. Button holes were added at the top and side, for hanging the frame, but you can hole punch holes for hanging, for the tiny frames.

NOW …I am in the process of making epatterns, those are the pdf formatted patterns that you print out from your inkjet printer, to make the washable, sewn, fabric picture frames AND …the new washable, NO SEW, fabric picture frames, for crafters, quilters, artists, even kids to make – great for people who don’t know how to use a sewing machine. And again, I am still using Thermoweb Ultrahold Heat N Bond fabric adhesive fusible web, as the patterns for all of the panel parts. These frames are REALLY easy to make, with the exception of the countless holes that you’ll have to hole punch with a quality craft store hole puncher, or pop out with a pair of embroidery scissors – it’s not hard, it’s just time consuming, but WELL WORTH IT! And they wash up great! I have a video on my channel at , showing how they are washed, it is SO simple to make, and take care of them!

Everything is incredibly easy to cut, easy to buy, INEXPENSIVE to buy as long as you buy as you go, little by little using 40% or 50% off coupons from Michaels, AC Moore, Joann’s, or any fabric, art supply, or craft store! You may even have some of the tools needed. Everything you need is in the epatterns, formatted to print on printer paper, and some of the epatterns have my art formatted to the pattern part, to print onto June Tailor or Printed Treasures WASHABLE inkjet printer fabric sheets. I give you photo AND text step by step instructions, the tool list, a list of how much of the fabric, inkjet fabric, Thermoweb, ribbon, mat board, sheet protector, and thread to buy, per size craft, I break it down easily, there is a legend for all of the parts you’ll be making with graphic thumbnails of what each part and supply looks like, all the patterns true to size -except for the frame for the 8×10″ photo, it’s too big to fit and print on paper, so I give a graphic layout with dimensions and measurements to go by. All of my epatterns are $1, or $5, depending on how many crafts are in the epattern.

I try to keep it economical, because some craft supplies and notions, like the inkjet fabric, and some scissors aren’t as inexpensive as other supplies and tools. Rotary cutting mats are great, and you can get them for under $25, but a cutting board can do the trick until you get one. Rotary fabric cutters, that look like pizza cutters but are for fabric, are up there in price, so you can buy fabric scissors and embroidery scissors – I got my Gingher embroidery scissors for $5 with a Michael’s coupon, and still have them now. You can use a regular household iron CAREFULLY using the point part of it to iron your fabric flaps over onto the back fusing to the Thermoweb, but if you can swing it, get a mini iron for under $25 with a store coupon.

Everything else is pretty inexpensive, hot glue sticks, $3 – $4 low temp glue gun, ruler, pencil or pen, fabric scissors, roll of thread, I use Gutermann’s Toldi Lock, get under 1 foot of 3/8″ to 1 1/2″ ribbon (For the washable, NO SEW, fabric picture frames, you’ll also use the cheap, skinny 1/16″ ribbon, about 2-3 yards of it, or a roll, 2 rolls for the frame for the 8×10″- you’ll use that ribbon to thread through the holes that you’ll make in the 4 fabric adhesive fused fabric panel parts in the middle of the frame structure, with the exception of the front panel, and easel back panel, but you will need 3 holes on the easel back panel, and through at least 2 – 4 strut panels that make up the stut pocket to connect the top of the strut pocket to the back)

YES, I found a way to use that skinny ribbon bolt from the craft store!

The fabric is subjective, and can cost as little as $1 up to hundreds of $’s, depending on what you want to go with, as the more expensive fabric is fireproofed, goes through a rub tensil test, colorfast, dry clean – I’d use that only on the front, easel back panel, and front panel of the strut pocket – the rest of the parts, you can use less expensive, quality, thinner fabric in the fiber type that is consistant with the more expensive fabric that you decided on. I say thinner fabric, because you want to easily be able to sew or poke through the holes of the inside panels, so just find a coordinating pattern or solid colored coordinating THINNER weight fabric in the same fiber family of your fabric, for those parts.

Or you could upcycle or recycle fabric or a piece of clothing that you already have. A customer, who is close friends with President Bill and Hillary Clinton, sent me her late husband’s neckties, and I turned them into washable, sewn, necktie frames for 5×7″ photos, and she put a picture of her late husband next to President Clinton, in all 15 of the frames, and had President Clinton sign the photos that went in them! She gave them as Christmas gifts to her family.

You can also make favors, place card frames, or gifts with these frames for wedding receptions, showers, or events! I’ve made up hundreds for receptions and showers!

This is a winner of a craft project to make! I guarantee it!


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