Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm on ! Here's my link:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

epatterns to buy for $1, to make fabric photo frames

Please visit to purchase $1 .pdf instructions to make fabric photo frames, emailed to you, to download and print from your printer. 6 sized frames offered, each $1, for nonwashable, and washable, sewn, photo frames

Friday, April 23, 2010

fabric bellybands for dogs, custom oven mitts, .pdf instructions for making fabric photo frames, your own fabric or wallcovering on my fabric photo frames

Ok, I've been busy!
This month, I've made fabric photo frames using a client's high end wallcovering for the frame fronts and sides

and made .pdf instructions, for purchasing with Paypal, epattern instructions for making nonwashable or washable, sewn, fabric photo frames, $1 per size per frames. See below for purchasing each frame instruction, emailed to you in .pdf format, to print out. I'm also making a page on my site, soon, for you to download from my site, once you purchase the instructions, I would then email the user name and password to you, to log in and retrieve the .pdf instructions for you to print out. When you click on your Print button, and when the "Print properties" window pops up, and towards the bottom left, you'll see, "Select page scaling", and so you'll select "none". Patterns will print true to size.  Purchase at:

then made custom oven mitts with the kokopelli design on it at , and can design fabric, for purchasing by the yard at

Also, I made bellybands for dogs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

buy epatterns to make fabric photo frames, each $1 per frame size, emailed to you, in .pdf format, to print out, true size patterns

At , buy epatterns, instructions to make fabric photo frames, each $1 per frame size, emailed to you, in .pdf format, to print out, true size patterns to print out, and cut, to use as patterns for each part.  Go to:

You can get each size frame for $1 each, emailed to you, in .pdf format, for you to print out.  All in black and white / gray.  Sizes range from photos sized 1.5" x 2.5", 2.5" x 3.5", 4x6", 2 for 5x7" photos, and an 8x10" photo. That's 6 sizes, and you can get epattern instructions for either nonwashable, or washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  That's 12 PATTERNS available for $1 each, in .pdf format, emailed to your inbox, from fabricated_frames at yahoo dot com.  Soon, I will have a user and password protected page for each epattern, once purchased through Paypal,  for you to download, after you purchase the instructions throught Paypal, I would then be able to send you a user name and password to log in, to get the epattern to download and/or print.  You can download Adobe Reader for FREE at to be able to get the .pdf files, to read them, and print them.

No shipping, since I am emailing the epatterns to you, and it's a service.  And each .pdf is between 1 MB and 2 MBs, each pattern varies from 20 pages to 30 pages, for the bigger sized frames for 5x7" and 8x10" photos.

Purchasing is also available at

Great for crafters, sewers, quilters, seamstresses, artists, designers, retailers, boutiques, fabric shops, picture framers, and more!