Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Make Christmas / holiday, washable, sewn or no sew, fabric photo frames - 32 patterns, 8 sizes in 4 ways! Great for gifts, home decor, or stocking stuffers

Make Christmas / holiday, washable, sewn or no sew, fabric photo frames - 32 patterns, 8 sizes in 4 ways! Great for gifts, home decor, or stocking stuffers!

The download is available at Craftsy.com at http://craftsy.com/pattern/sewing/home-decor/32-ways-to-make-fabric-photo-frames/155850 for $5. You get everything you need, for every possible way to make a fabric photo frame / picture frame, using tools and supplies from any craft, art supply, fabric, quilting, sewing store, even Target and Walmart have many of the tools & suppplies listed!

All 32 patterns, 4 ways to make 8 sizes of fabric photo frames, are in this download, with photo & text step by step instructions, but, if you get stuck, you can jump online, and go to these links, as a back up, to help you if you get in a rut:

I have video tutorials as well as photo & text step by step tutorials on how to make the frames here:

video tutorials:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlbImz0LmoI fabric covered mat board photo frames invented by Kristie Hubler from fabricatedframes.com

Zazzle fabric - washable, NO SEW, fabric photo frame crafts tutorial by inventor Kristie Hubler

http://youtube.com/watch?v=AoPbDjn8RKM Zazzle.com fabric crafts - washable fabric photo frame sewing tutorial

photo & text step by step tutorials:
http://fabricatedframes.blogspot.com/2015/02/creating-washable-photo-frame-with.html washable, sewn, fabric photo frame tutorial

washable, no sew, fabric photo frame tutorial

http://fabricatedframes.blogspot.com/2015/07/craft-tutorial-to-make-fabric-covered.html non-washable, no sew, fabric covered photo frame using mat board parts tutorial

The 4th way of making fabric photo frames, just the same as
non-washable, no sew, fabric covered photo frame using mat board parts tutorial, however, with 2 holes on the easel back mat board panel & 2 holes on the top part of the strut leg board panel, to thread ribbon through their holes, to connect the 2, that's only difference, and you can hole punch them out with a quality hole puncher, that has a longer reach, or use the pointy end of small, pointy scissors, to poke them out, use the paper print outs, align over the cut boards and poke through where the holes are through to the boards. Use tape to hold the pattern in place on the board.

With this way of making the frames, if you are a woodworker, or handyman, framer, or construction worker, carpenter, this craft is for you! Just transfer the paper patterns for the mat board parts onto wood, or chipboard, cut them out, and cover them with fabric and Ultrahold. Ultrahold is a good paper backed sheet adhesive pattern transfer for wood or leather, or even vinyl. You can transfer the hole markings, and drill out the holes to connect the top part of the strut leg to the holes on the easel back board.

Remember to remove the center strip between the top and bottom parts of the strut leg board panel, but keep to use as a gauge, to space them apart properly. That space is where the strut leg bends, for the the completed covered on both sides strut leg to pitch out, to allow for the frame to stand on a table or shelf.

And pace yourself, one frame size at a time. Use your printer properties, and click on the area, "Print pages __ to __" and find draft or transparency in printer properties, and change to that, as well. Printing info is on Thermoweb's site at http://thermowebonline.com/p/ultrahold-value-pack-17-x-5-yards?pp=24

You can print the patterns directly onto the Thermoweb HeatnBond Ultrahold, 5 yard roll, cheapest at Michaels, $10 per roll, but always use a 50% off Michaels store coupon, to save money. It's sold in the fabric and sewing department on Michaels, in red and white packaging. I just found out that you could print onto the paper side of Ultrahold in April, and I've been using it for my patterns, hand drawn up until this year, for 15 years! When I started printing directly onto the Ultrahold, it cut down time so much, for making the frames! Highly recommend printing the patterns on Ultrahold. Each 5 yard roll yields 32 8 1/2" x 11" pieces to print. You can print as many as 32 convertible tabletop to brooch pin frames, or as little as 2 washable, sewn or no sew, non-washable no sew, fabric covered mat board covered picture frames for 8x10" photo! If you buy the 5 yard roll at Michaels with a 50% off coupon, that's like getting the Ultrahold printable patterns made for the brooch frames as little a $0.16 per brooch frame, or as much as $2.50 per frame for the 8x10" photo size!

The mat board you can buy at Michaels in their framing department for under $8 before coupon, for a 30x20" board, at AC Moore for #8 before coupon for a 32x40" board, or try Utrecht art online, any art supply store that sells mat board, usually 32x40", some places sell it 20x30", protected in a poly bag sealed, sometimes. The mat board yields a LOT of board parts for the frames, as many as 3 complete mat board parts for fabric picture frames for the 8x10" photo size. Or as many as 25 complete mat board fabric covered picture frames for the Instagram Instant print / Fujifilm / Polaroid instant print 2x3" photo size. I use a $5 utility knife to cut the mat board, with a protective surface underneath, like a self healing cutting mat that quilters use, from JoAnn Fabrics. You can use a cutting board. If the board is under 8x10", I've used paper scissors and a paper trimmer. If you're board is small to fit in a paper trimmer, I'd use that over scissors. You can use a craft knife, too. Mat board is acid free. The Ultrahold is acid free, as well as the clear sheet protector pages, sold in sheet packs of 50, at Target, Walmart, & Walgreens, for under $5, just make sure that it is labeled "Acid free" on the package.

Its a unique craft, that I've spent years developing, considering all that is available in craft stores, and now Walmart & Target, the supplies are offered to make these frames more easily than ever!

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