Monday, February 22, 2010

Above is the link to buy my book, Fabricated Frames Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames: Nonwashable And Washable Sewn Fabric Photo Frames, where, for $11, $7 if you download it, you will be able to make, from scratch, fabric photo frames.  Hopefully, soon, it will be available on
Kristie Hubler

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

convert files to .pdf for FREE

Convert files to .pdf files for FREE. Yes, I did it today, found them online, you click on the link, go to the "more information" button, it takes you to the download page and you download it for free.  And just follow the directions.  You go to your document that you want to convert, open it, check it over, then click on the print button, and then in the print window, click on the primo pdf in your list of printers, act like you are going to print it, w/o any printer connected, and then follow the directions.  the primo pdf window opens, find your file that you want to upload and turn into pdf where it says to pick a folder, and then click on the button to change it to a pdf.  It's QUICK to.  It turned a 50MB MS Works document into a 3MB pdf file.  I like it!!!  Now, if I can get rid of this stomach illness tonight... offers a book on how to make fabric photo frames on for $11

Here is my book, a how to for making fabric photo frames, both nonwashable, and washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  You would make the fabric photo frames from scratch, getting the supplies, cutting the parts, adhering the fabric, and putting the parts together, or in the case of the washable, sewn, fabric frames, sewing the fabric parts together.  I give EVERYTHING, I give patterns and dimensions to make 6 DIFFERENT SIZED frames, for photos sized 1.5" by 2.5", wallet or place card frame size, 4x6",2 sizes for 5x7", and 8x10".  Real size patterns for the strut parts (the strut is the leg on the back of the frame that allows a frame to stand upright on a table, shelf, mantle, entertainment unit, etc. lol), 12 sets of real size patterns.  I give you 6 pgs of photo and typed step by step instructions for the nonwashable, fabric photo frames, and 9 pgs of oto and typed step by step instructions for the washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  It's 50 pgs.  If I could sell the cut parts as a kit WITH the book, I would, but if you want me to make the parts, cut to size, and print the instructions in color, I can do that and sell you them as well.  I offer instructions kits for both the nonwashable, and washable, sewn, fabric frames on my site, and I cut all the parts to size, give you everything except the fabric, thread and ribbon, and tool, and I give you the color photo step by step instructions that I have in the book, each size sold individually.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm on


Check it out!  I have my images on:
laptop sleeves
4GB flash usb drives
large fabric pieces
tiles which could be used as coasters or trivets
shower curtains
and more!


I have a twitter acct at -please check it out!

artists to look at, and my take on art

Well, to show how I am, I, from time to time, share my experiences, and who I'd admire, artist's work, be it visual, music, performance, written, whatnot. I'm not one of those selfish artists, or an arrogant one, who sees themselves as the be all and end all of the world. Quite the opposite. I'd hope to be seen as humble, altruistic, somewhat self-depricating, but hopefully in an amusing way. I can laugh at myself. I want to grow as an artist, and as a businessperson. And sometimes, you have to look at what others do, how they do it, to go back, and re-write your path. And for starters, I ask you to go visit

You gotta see this guy's work, if not for his art, but for the site, it's like being taken away on a twisted journey, like Dorothy going down a twisted yellow bricked road, with her saying, "Been there, done that...HUH? What the...?" lol This site is awesome!

It's an experience. I got his page from my illustrator's group, and I came back and replied to one of my illustrator colleagues:

"Good God, he's more than that, and then some!"

He's awesome (not to show the times of which I've grown from...sorry, I now feel the need to bow down at this guy's feet, for the experience, in which he has just given me. lol)

It's an experience, going to his site. Now, explore his site, with an open mind. I can appreciate his work, and hope that some more can too. It's not just the visual art itself, that you will see, it's a show, it's like being carried away to another world. Anyway, go see his site. And you have to sit and click around...give yourself a half hour, AT LEAST, to absorb, and enjoy the experience. lol :D

(And Roller makes fabric frames for some of his work! lol :D )"

Ok, so this guy, his work, he's a visual artist, a painter, fine artist, with as the woman on my group says, turned illustrationy. His work is twisted, but in an awesome way, as we all wish "twisted" would come to mean.. lol He paints these monkeys, right, in fluffier versions of late 19th century wedding dresses, with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, with like, floral bouquets on their heads, perched like Carmen Miranda used to wear her fruit hat.  LOL Something about an artist doing that, you just have to love. lol

Let me tell you, he has Carrie Fisher, one of his patrons -YES, Princess Leia from Star Wars, people, writing his intro, to his site, and her words, are just...she and Donald, or Roller as some call him it seems, write along the same line, they're on the same wave length or something. And Carrie is what they call a "script doctor" in Hollywood. She turns a piece of crap script into gold to make it work for the audience, and rightly so. In fact, WHEN I get somewhere with my story that I'm writing (or shall I say re-writing, and then again, for the past 10 yrs), I will have NO qualms turning it over to her, for my lack of weaving the right things together, as she so wonderfully does. Reading her words, and Roller's, makes me bow to their feet.

His sense of color makes you think, and realize, "Oh that's how it's done! That's how the colors pop!"

His work will make me rethink my work.

Please go see his site. Give yourself at LEAST 1/2 hour to explore it. He has cigarettes and chapeaus (French for man's hat, which is how it looks illustrated the way it does) floating across the screen as your read the comments and accompanying words to the visuals. Clearly, Photoshop'd site at it's finest. :D


and YES, some work is framed with fabric puffy frames, from his own hands, like MANY fine artists do/did with their work- they made their OWN frames!

The most artsy, surreal thing that I've done is have that animated dream about bubble people in May 1991, that I shared the next day with my music teacher and a friend, and then I made that "Bubble People" image on my site, to introduce people to what I was doing, my only real "surreal" piece of art that I've ever done, and now, trying to write that story, involving the bubble people interlaced in the story.

I want to do more work like that. I want to get more in touch with my artsy side, where the mind wanders and explores outside the box, so to speak. I still love doing patterns of berries and teacups, and flowers and such, OF COURSE, bc I love that just as well. I just, as an optomist, a cup half full person, chose to see both avenues of art as viable, and meaningful to the world, and not one more important, or valid, over the other.

necktie photo frames

I designed tie frames for one customer (who is CLOSE friends with a certain political power couple- I'll give you a hint- she's ran for our highest office in the Federal gov't...and her husband signed the photos of him and my customer's late husband, that went in the frames I made for her), out her late husband's ties. And then my customer's neighbor just had me do a frame out her late grandfather's tie. With the leftovers, what I call "tie flutter" and "tie innards" lol, I made a bunch of things out of the remaining scrap fabric. Since I made 15 tie frames for the first customer, I took the innards and flutters and made a sewn scrapbook cover, a doorknob hanging sachet bag with a heart accent, and a storage bag to hold the scrapbook in it, with a zipper. For the other customer, I used the tie innards as batting on the inside of the storage bag for her tie frame, and experimented by making a quilt patterned bag.

Also,  I want to get into tabletop design, designing china patterns and fabric, sometime in my life span. lol In 1993, for an extracurricular project, a contest that my intro to product design class participated in, we had to design a china pattern and a fixture, in 2d, and send it in to the committee. So, I shrunk those files and upload those images. And I uploaded the scans I did of the images from my portfolio, from my interior design classes.

more on owoh and copyright infringing and law

Yes, I know, I haven't posted in a while. Orphan Works bill. What is that you ask? Well, Not only is the bill, which has been squashed to an extent, and just festering around, in the House Judiciary committee, being open for discussion, BUT, ANOTHER version of the bill is being introduced in the Senate! It basically allows people, who want/find and "creative work", whether it is visual art, music, entertainment recordings of sorts, writings, etc. - a creation by someone that's created it by them and them alone- to be allowed to use it, even for profit, IF they do a "reasonable" search for the owner of the work. Now, the word "reasonable" is in question, because these said infringers could "say" that they did a search, but in reality, not life a finger to find the owner. Alot of photogs are up in arms about this, artists of all fiends, illustrators, etc. Even if you own the rights to a dvd or vcr tape, or script, or manuscript- this affects all of you. And the fees AND penalties that the infringer would pay the owner, is pitance, and rediculous, compared to what they are capable of receiving now. Artists would not be able to afford the intellectual property lawyer's fees to recoup awards from the infringers, because of these bills!

My hope here tonight, is to ask you who reads this, to protest the "Orphan Works" bill, not only up for talk in the Judiciary committee in the House of Reps in Congress ( and look for Orphan Works bill) BUT, it's being introduced in the Senate! Now, I've had civics in 8th grade, so how the bill just got slid in, into Senate, without House approval, is beyond me.

None the less, go here and you will view what you need about it, plus go to and to see what it all entails.

It's frightening, this bill, or shall I say, THESE BILLS. Basically, it's the "free use" society, if you will, you know the types, the ones that feel if it's out in the public, it's public domain so why pay for it, wanting this bill to go through. It's alot of publishers, wanting this bill to go through. It's alot of museums and libraries wanting this to go through.

The IPA (Illustrators Partnership Assoc.) has a lobbyist working against it for artists, and alot of photof assn's working against it.

Even if you have, say, photos of your kids, or your vacations, online, well, guess what? Some entity, bc they didn't take the time (or just plain didn't want to cut you in on profits) could take YOUR family photos and use them on their products, without asking you or paying you!

Another thing I found out, was that in the Senate's version of the bill. you'd have to register with approved copyright office registries (yes registrieS, plural- apparently the copyright office is outsourcing or going private or something, I still am confused how this can happen, but...) SO, you'd have to not only register with one company, your copyright, but other copyright registries! It already costs $45 per copyright registration, THROUGH the copyright office at

Now, you may ask, how does this affect anyone outside of the US? I'll show you. See, the US, and the UK signed this bit of international legislation at the "Berns Convention of 1976" and any country that signed it, would have to use it as law. Basically, it states that once a creation is made, REGARDLESS if it is officially copyrighted, or not, the law says that once created, it is COPYRIGHTED. Period. No markings needed, no copyright fee to pay, etc.

How these bills are allowed, and then making an end run around the "Berns Convention of 1976" is beyond me. I know that alot of big business corps are pushing for at least one of these bills to get through. Surprisingly, some publishers, who are said to be pushing it through, some of them are on OUR side, helping us.

How it affects non-US citizens, to my UK friends, my musician friends- I say to you, contact your lawyer, your entertainment lawyer, and get them to look this over, these bills, because...

Say you're a non- native of the US, yet, you have say, a cd or album released here in the US, under a separate record label, specifically for your US releases, THESE bills affect you! These bills affect your copyright issues here in the US.

So, PLEASE, make some contacts, whether emails, faxes or snail mail, to the appropriate parties in congress, namely to the Senate, and the House Judiciary committee.

Thank you!

making fabric flame retardant

I'm passing along useful info, like I promised, bc I want to be one of those businesses that cares about not only her customers, but the world at large. So...

3 sites I found where you, the consumer, can buy a spray or solution to make your fabric flame retardant. And fairly cheaply, if I may say, from looking at the prices. Under $15 per bottle, in most cases.

My brother and his family were victims to their neighbors above their apartment having a fire, and the fire caused so much damage to my brother's family's things. The havoc that ensues after a fire is SO traumatic. 2002 was NOT my family's year, that I can tell you.

And then, I just found out a colleague, who owns a frame store in Mass., suffered a fire in her shop.

Knowing this makes me think of helping others with securing their things, especially the priceless momentos. So, I am passing these sites to you to view. One of them, I believe (could be, well one offers a spray for each kind of fabric, the other site offers fire resistancy to wood, and some other materials, besides fabric. I just found it interesting, and hopefully, soon, I will look into getting some to try it.

I spent some time, and added products that I want to sell on my page, and added the artwork that I wanted on the product....well, for now, but, I may change the images on the products. Let's put it this way, when designing artwork for products, a designer has to think of how it's layout looks ON the product. And in doing my selections and choices last night, it's made me want to go back, and redesign my artwork to fit the product. And that's ok. It's to be expected. And so, back to the drawing table, and it's fine. I do have to say that I like the tote with the tulips. I was kind of impressed with how that turned out. I wish that they had products with more colorways. They do on some products, but on some home decor and accessories, they don't. Well, they're always adding.

If you're a musician, you have the options of adding up to 8 images on your cd, 4 for the booklet, 2 for the case's front and back, and 2 for the inside of the case. And then you're cd cover, plus don't forget uploading each track, individually as mp3s. And for books, you upload your covers, and each page is uploaded as a .pdf and FabricatedFrames designs

So, in working with the dimensions of the products that Cafe Press offers, and in manipulating my images to fit their products, I've decided, that I need to re-work and add text to some of my images. In being an illustrator, it's about concept, and sometimes, one image, or the foreground object, just isn't enough. Some people may love just one object, but it's better to expand on the illustration as a whole, considering what should be in the background, to support the foreground. So, my shop on is a work in progress. I'm switching products, switching images on the products, and adding to the overall image concept over and over again.

When I was in my early teens, I wanted to get into designing china/tabletop items, and of COURSE, fabric/textile designs. I love making new product designs for things like photo frames, album covers, wallet sized photo holders, fabric costume jewelry pins, zippered shoulderbags (that one came from neccessity lol), oven mitts, who knows, maybe appliance covers, pot holders, and all kinds of table or houseware or home linens, fabric storage units and bags, and...the list goes on and on...and...I LOVE coming up with new product designs, structural designs, I do...but...I want to do all open and available for me to do, and realms to get into.

And in doing so, I'd be putting my illustrations/graphic designs, etc. onto products that, I can't make in 3d. lol Like glassware, for example. I love it, I honor it, but...I can't make it. lol I can draw my designs, though. lol

I really want to get into illustrating, and making graphic designs, and not just work with one object, but concepts, vignettes of complimenting images/illustrations, and working within the confines of the product shape given. Alot of manufacturers want groupings, like 12 concepts, and then within those concepts, or vignettes/groupings, they want several complimenting designs, that accessorize each other in that group.

With my images on my shop, I'd upload an image, and then I'd say, "Oh great, I want it on this product." And then I'd get the simulation on my screen, and ...uh to go back and tweek it. Not strong enough of an image as is. Some are great. I have to go back and tweek the baby nursery image with highlights, and sharpened lines, and details.

I like my funky character, the bubble people person. That character is a long story. It came to me in a dream in 1991, I had a cartoon dream, in color, going on in my head, and I want to expand on it. The poem that accompanies it, came to me in 2001, after 9/11, and it, to me, works with the direction of where I want the character to go, and it's a profound sentiment, if I may say so myself.

I have a few positive statements to make, so I want to make put some sayings on some products.

Orphan works bill in Congress, and copyright infringement

If you are an artist, regardless of what country you are located in, I say this especially to my artist friends in the UK, go to , a site specifically set up for opposing the Orphan Works bill in Congress, and look at the top, go past the list of groups opposing the Orphan Works bill, and focus on reading parts 1-5, ESPECIALLY part 5. I implore all artists to look up "1976 Berns Act" especially if you are in the US and UK. UK artists, look into the legislation in the UK for copyright protection, bc I hear that EU countries and the UK's gov't are having bills introduced, changing your copyrights. Please, check things out. We are becoming a small world, each millasecond.

Thank you!

fabric stationery, accessories, laptop covers, home textiles by

Visit my pages on :

and see new images and things added to:

I added images, showing that I now sell washable, sewn, FABRIC:

-home textiles like pot holders, tea cozies, aprons, oven mitts, appliance covers, even pins, like brooches, but they can hang as ornamentation, because I have a loop on the back, making the pins washable, because the bar pin back slides in and out. Oh, and I have hanging ornaments and sachets, door knob sachets.

-ladies accessories like totes, shoulderbags (I'll be making diaper bags soon), headbands, and you can use the pins to use to ornament the headband, and wallets, which can be for men too, I can make billfolds.

-and then computer accessories / storage, laptop sleeves, cases, zippered covers, and velcro strapping, to "tame" cords, like my webcam mic showing on the page.
-fabric stationery, for weddings, showers and events. Fabric invitations, attendance cards, menu cards, acceptance cards...and even greeting cards can be made of fabric.

I use my inkjet printer to print onto fabric, and a solution called Bubble Jet Set 2000, which allows the ink to hold, when the printed fabric is washed. I print on white and pastel fabric. So, I can personalize fabric/products, print my designs/patterns/illustrations onto fabric, text onto fabric, etc.

Check out my site!


making websites

Having a website is rewarding, because you have all your work, there, for all to see. It records your work, besides being the major marketing tool for your business.
Having a website isn't hard to do, it's just tedious. lol :D Like I said before, making the pages takes time, plus a clear head. I did mine, for a while, in Lotus Word Pro, but now use MS Works, and Accessories Notepad to finite. lol No, it formats the page to make it html, in case I forget things. Then, I open the same file in Notepad. Yes, plain, ol' Notepad under the Accessories folder. You go to your Start button, then look under programs, then go to Accessories, then Notepad. There, ANYONE can make a webpage, as long as they have the right web html coding. lol I get my knowledge of such importance lol from Webpages for Dummies, Google, my cousin and brother, and so on. lol And Lotus Word Pro does BASIC html format coding, then I look elsewhere to embellish and build upon. I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essentials, and that helps for layout, html color codes, called binary codes for each of the colors, your background colors, font colors, table colors, LINK COLORS..I'm trying to master tables and links right now lol. And .gif (low file size) and .png (HUGE file size) for my images, and the generic .jpg and resolutions and dpi and all that.

I am my own webmaster for my website at . So, I'm available to help you make webpages if you wish, my services are fairly reasonable, and I'd provide you a time sheet. I'd charge $12 / hour, I think that that's reasonable, because it takes me hours if not days to finish a page.  Something like my homepage took me a few days x's 3 hours a day, per day. I'm not experienced enough to do flash sites, just basic, with some punch. And I'm learning everyday, so, that's something.


I am on under "creative services". I am also trying to figure out HOW to make instructions for people to draw their own rooms. Yes, YOU can draw your rooms 3D, in perspective, with the height, width, and depth of everything, and then you'll learn to render the drawings, which is learning how to color them in. It's not difficult whatsoever. You just have to follow the simple steps, step by step. I am going to be making mini 1 minute videos of each step, drawing as I go, so you get what I'm doing. So far, they will be .mov files, and I can put them on cd, OR email them to you, for a fee.

Honestly, I will be inexpensive, in fact, what you'll need will cost you under $20.

Also, I want to address some things, that have been festering in me lately. My concerns are over terminology in interior design. Ok. TONE is how light or dark something is. Some designers call it VALUE. Uh uh. Nope. VALUE is how bright or muted (yes, I'll just say it- dull, dirty, muddy, it goes on and on, but I was trying to be nice), and all the variations between. lol Oh, and nother pet peeve I have- when someone calls DRAPERY "DRAPES". That drives me NUTS. Drapes is 3rd person singular verb. You can say drapery drapes. What else? A couch.... a couch is a French piece of furniture. What people call a couch is really a sofa, but considering so many people in the US, and around the world are "couch potatoes", I'll let that one slide. No, a couch is like an upholstered bench, with a bolster attached at one end, and it takes after the French word "coucher", which means to go to bed. You know, "Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?" lol And no, I'm not asking any of you that question. lol Oh, and chaise longue. It's pronounced "shaiz long", not "shez lounge". lol Oh, and lastly for today, niche. It's "neeshe" not "neech". I'm a firm believe in speaking a language properly, English or otherwise. lol And I won't even start today on colors! lol

Silk Baron and their silk fabrics

My friend recommended that I use for great deals on all kinds of silk, from dupioni, silk satin, to velvet, to taffeta. And now they have new colors, Ultraviolet and Calico. Ultraviolet happens to be one of my favorite colors, next to tints and shades of what some would consider variations of the flower Rhodadendron, that red-violet color, as light as a blackberry smoothie or deep magenta grape. Anyway, check out the site, because they offer AWESOME prices, and a HUMUNGOUS selection of color options. REALLY!

intro to offers washable (or not), sewn, (or not), FABRIC photo frames, and other fabric products, and the art printed on the fabric products, that I design. I also offer washable brooches with removable pin backs, favors / place cards for wedding receptions, showers, and events, scrapbook or photo album covers, diaper bags / laptop sleeves / shoulderbags / carry bags, cd or dvd wallets, photo wallets, ribbon roses, tea cozies and other kitchen linens, memo boards, and instruction kits for making non washable and washable, sewn, fabric photo frames, and ribbon roses and leaves, books to be available soon on plus more. Also my art / textile design / illustrations can be found on products like mugs, shower curtains, 4gb USB flash drives, jewelry, baby products, shirts, tile coaster / trivets, and more at

I want to help you with your creative endeavors, and soon I will be providing some tutorials. For now, I am working on creating instructions for a person to draw their own rooms in 3D (perspective drawings) and then render them (color them in), in easy color step by step, photo and drawn instructions. Also, I will be providing tips, and ideas for fabric and other craft or drawing projects. I'll have some links of interest that I find fascinating. Anything that's useful for me, I will pass to you!