Wednesday, February 10, 2010

making websites

Having a website is rewarding, because you have all your work, there, for all to see. It records your work, besides being the major marketing tool for your business.
Having a website isn't hard to do, it's just tedious. lol :D Like I said before, making the pages takes time, plus a clear head. I did mine, for a while, in Lotus Word Pro, but now use MS Works, and Accessories Notepad to finite. lol No, it formats the page to make it html, in case I forget things. Then, I open the same file in Notepad. Yes, plain, ol' Notepad under the Accessories folder. You go to your Start button, then look under programs, then go to Accessories, then Notepad. There, ANYONE can make a webpage, as long as they have the right web html coding. lol I get my knowledge of such importance lol from Webpages for Dummies, Google, my cousin and brother, and so on. lol And Lotus Word Pro does BASIC html format coding, then I look elsewhere to embellish and build upon. I have Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essentials, and that helps for layout, html color codes, called binary codes for each of the colors, your background colors, font colors, table colors, LINK COLORS..I'm trying to master tables and links right now lol. And .gif (low file size) and .png (HUGE file size) for my images, and the generic .jpg and resolutions and dpi and all that.

I am my own webmaster for my website at . So, I'm available to help you make webpages if you wish, my services are fairly reasonable, and I'd provide you a time sheet. I'd charge $12 / hour, I think that that's reasonable, because it takes me hours if not days to finish a page.  Something like my homepage took me a few days x's 3 hours a day, per day. I'm not experienced enough to do flash sites, just basic, with some punch. And I'm learning everyday, so, that's something.