Wednesday, February 10, 2010 and FabricatedFrames designs

So, in working with the dimensions of the products that Cafe Press offers, and in manipulating my images to fit their products, I've decided, that I need to re-work and add text to some of my images. In being an illustrator, it's about concept, and sometimes, one image, or the foreground object, just isn't enough. Some people may love just one object, but it's better to expand on the illustration as a whole, considering what should be in the background, to support the foreground. So, my shop on is a work in progress. I'm switching products, switching images on the products, and adding to the overall image concept over and over again.

When I was in my early teens, I wanted to get into designing china/tabletop items, and of COURSE, fabric/textile designs. I love making new product designs for things like photo frames, album covers, wallet sized photo holders, fabric costume jewelry pins, zippered shoulderbags (that one came from neccessity lol), oven mitts, who knows, maybe appliance covers, pot holders, and all kinds of table or houseware or home linens, fabric storage units and bags, and...the list goes on and on...and...I LOVE coming up with new product designs, structural designs, I do...but...I want to do all open and available for me to do, and realms to get into.

And in doing so, I'd be putting my illustrations/graphic designs, etc. onto products that, I can't make in 3d. lol Like glassware, for example. I love it, I honor it, but...I can't make it. lol I can draw my designs, though. lol

I really want to get into illustrating, and making graphic designs, and not just work with one object, but concepts, vignettes of complimenting images/illustrations, and working within the confines of the product shape given. Alot of manufacturers want groupings, like 12 concepts, and then within those concepts, or vignettes/groupings, they want several complimenting designs, that accessorize each other in that group.

With my images on my shop, I'd upload an image, and then I'd say, "Oh great, I want it on this product." And then I'd get the simulation on my screen, and ...uh to go back and tweek it. Not strong enough of an image as is. Some are great. I have to go back and tweek the baby nursery image with highlights, and sharpened lines, and details.

I like my funky character, the bubble people person. That character is a long story. It came to me in a dream in 1991, I had a cartoon dream, in color, going on in my head, and I want to expand on it. The poem that accompanies it, came to me in 2001, after 9/11, and it, to me, works with the direction of where I want the character to go, and it's a profound sentiment, if I may say so myself.

I have a few positive statements to make, so I want to make put some sayings on some products.