Wednesday, February 17, 2010 offers a book on how to make fabric photo frames on for $11

Here is my book, a how to for making fabric photo frames, both nonwashable, and washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  You would make the fabric photo frames from scratch, getting the supplies, cutting the parts, adhering the fabric, and putting the parts together, or in the case of the washable, sewn, fabric frames, sewing the fabric parts together.  I give EVERYTHING, I give patterns and dimensions to make 6 DIFFERENT SIZED frames, for photos sized 1.5" by 2.5", wallet or place card frame size, 4x6",2 sizes for 5x7", and 8x10".  Real size patterns for the strut parts (the strut is the leg on the back of the frame that allows a frame to stand upright on a table, shelf, mantle, entertainment unit, etc. lol), 12 sets of real size patterns.  I give you 6 pgs of photo and typed step by step instructions for the nonwashable, fabric photo frames, and 9 pgs of oto and typed step by step instructions for the washable, sewn, fabric photo frames.  It's 50 pgs.  If I could sell the cut parts as a kit WITH the book, I would, but if you want me to make the parts, cut to size, and print the instructions in color, I can do that and sell you them as well.  I offer instructions kits for both the nonwashable, and washable, sewn, fabric frames on my site, and I cut all the parts to size, give you everything except the fabric, thread and ribbon, and tool, and I give you the color photo step by step instructions that I have in the book, each size sold individually.