Wednesday, February 10, 2010

artists to look at, and my take on art

Well, to show how I am, I, from time to time, share my experiences, and who I'd admire, artist's work, be it visual, music, performance, written, whatnot. I'm not one of those selfish artists, or an arrogant one, who sees themselves as the be all and end all of the world. Quite the opposite. I'd hope to be seen as humble, altruistic, somewhat self-depricating, but hopefully in an amusing way. I can laugh at myself. I want to grow as an artist, and as a businessperson. And sometimes, you have to look at what others do, how they do it, to go back, and re-write your path. And for starters, I ask you to go visit

You gotta see this guy's work, if not for his art, but for the site, it's like being taken away on a twisted journey, like Dorothy going down a twisted yellow bricked road, with her saying, "Been there, done that...HUH? What the...?" lol This site is awesome!

It's an experience. I got his page from my illustrator's group, and I came back and replied to one of my illustrator colleagues:

"Good God, he's more than that, and then some!"

He's awesome (not to show the times of which I've grown from...sorry, I now feel the need to bow down at this guy's feet, for the experience, in which he has just given me. lol)

It's an experience, going to his site. Now, explore his site, with an open mind. I can appreciate his work, and hope that some more can too. It's not just the visual art itself, that you will see, it's a show, it's like being carried away to another world. Anyway, go see his site. And you have to sit and click around...give yourself a half hour, AT LEAST, to absorb, and enjoy the experience. lol :D

(And Roller makes fabric frames for some of his work! lol :D )"

Ok, so this guy, his work, he's a visual artist, a painter, fine artist, with as the woman on my group says, turned illustrationy. His work is twisted, but in an awesome way, as we all wish "twisted" would come to mean.. lol He paints these monkeys, right, in fluffier versions of late 19th century wedding dresses, with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, with like, floral bouquets on their heads, perched like Carmen Miranda used to wear her fruit hat.  LOL Something about an artist doing that, you just have to love. lol

Let me tell you, he has Carrie Fisher, one of his patrons -YES, Princess Leia from Star Wars, people, writing his intro, to his site, and her words, are just...she and Donald, or Roller as some call him it seems, write along the same line, they're on the same wave length or something. And Carrie is what they call a "script doctor" in Hollywood. She turns a piece of crap script into gold to make it work for the audience, and rightly so. In fact, WHEN I get somewhere with my story that I'm writing (or shall I say re-writing, and then again, for the past 10 yrs), I will have NO qualms turning it over to her, for my lack of weaving the right things together, as she so wonderfully does. Reading her words, and Roller's, makes me bow to their feet.

His sense of color makes you think, and realize, "Oh that's how it's done! That's how the colors pop!"

His work will make me rethink my work.

Please go see his site. Give yourself at LEAST 1/2 hour to explore it. He has cigarettes and chapeaus (French for man's hat, which is how it looks illustrated the way it does) floating across the screen as your read the comments and accompanying words to the visuals. Clearly, Photoshop'd site at it's finest. :D


and YES, some work is framed with fabric puffy frames, from his own hands, like MANY fine artists do/did with their work- they made their OWN frames!

The most artsy, surreal thing that I've done is have that animated dream about bubble people in May 1991, that I shared the next day with my music teacher and a friend, and then I made that "Bubble People" image on my site, to introduce people to what I was doing, my only real "surreal" piece of art that I've ever done, and now, trying to write that story, involving the bubble people interlaced in the story.

I want to do more work like that. I want to get more in touch with my artsy side, where the mind wanders and explores outside the box, so to speak. I still love doing patterns of berries and teacups, and flowers and such, OF COURSE, bc I love that just as well. I just, as an optomist, a cup half full person, chose to see both avenues of art as viable, and meaningful to the world, and not one more important, or valid, over the other.