Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am on under "creative services". I am also trying to figure out HOW to make instructions for people to draw their own rooms. Yes, YOU can draw your rooms 3D, in perspective, with the height, width, and depth of everything, and then you'll learn to render the drawings, which is learning how to color them in. It's not difficult whatsoever. You just have to follow the simple steps, step by step. I am going to be making mini 1 minute videos of each step, drawing as I go, so you get what I'm doing. So far, they will be .mov files, and I can put them on cd, OR email them to you, for a fee.

Honestly, I will be inexpensive, in fact, what you'll need will cost you under $20.

Also, I want to address some things, that have been festering in me lately. My concerns are over terminology in interior design. Ok. TONE is how light or dark something is. Some designers call it VALUE. Uh uh. Nope. VALUE is how bright or muted (yes, I'll just say it- dull, dirty, muddy, it goes on and on, but I was trying to be nice), and all the variations between. lol Oh, and nother pet peeve I have- when someone calls DRAPERY "DRAPES". That drives me NUTS. Drapes is 3rd person singular verb. You can say drapery drapes. What else? A couch.... a couch is a French piece of furniture. What people call a couch is really a sofa, but considering so many people in the US, and around the world are "couch potatoes", I'll let that one slide. No, a couch is like an upholstered bench, with a bolster attached at one end, and it takes after the French word "coucher", which means to go to bed. You know, "Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?" lol And no, I'm not asking any of you that question. lol Oh, and chaise longue. It's pronounced "shaiz long", not "shez lounge". lol Oh, and lastly for today, niche. It's "neeshe" not "neech". I'm a firm believe in speaking a language properly, English or otherwise. lol And I won't even start today on colors! lol