Thursday, March 25, 2010

soon making how to book, for drawing your own rooms in 3D

I am soon going to make a book on where you can learn how to draw your own rooms in 3D (known as a perspective drawing, using scaled floor plan and scaled elevation drawings, which are SUPER SIMPLE), then render them (color them in)

Ok, so this is what you go out and get (some may be in your drawer already):
-colored pencils, for beginners
-a cheap architectural scale ruler from Staples or AC Moore or Michaels, usually about $4, give or take
-tracing paper by the roll, at LEAST 18" wide, but try for 24" wide if you can get it (AC Moore sells for $12, and use a 40% off coupon, for a 24" wide by 50 yard roll- it'll last you forever, and you'll spend under $8!)
-Also, get some graph paper sheets, even if you have to Scotch tape a couple together, neatly and evenly- get the 1/4" scale squared kind (each cube you see will be 1/4" by 1/4")- 1/4" is a scale used in residential applications
-Scotch tape
-a long straight edge, like a large tringle used by interior designers, and architects (AC Moore, Michaels, etc.)- check clearance items at the art supply stores, or on craigslist, or yard sales,
-retractable, measuring tape to measure your space- you'll need to get the width, depth, and height of everything you plan on putting in your drawing, so you may want a partner to help you- someone to write down the measurements and draw the sketch floor plans and elevations (do floor plans first then do elevations), and the other to take the measurements

So, buy your supplies, little by little, and make sure that you use coupons, if available, and sign up to receive the coupons.  You can even make patterns with tracing paper and with clear contact paper, or use clear vinyl, as a pattern maker, for cheap.  Use tracing paper for making a chair upholstery pattern, even.

Now, visit my page, to see my drawings, and no, do NOT be deterred by the level of detail and be scared off by my drawings and skills, because the drawing here at took 3 yrs to develop this kind of skill.  I am taking a technique that I learned in art school, and will be sharing it with you in my new book.  It's like a formula, and the more you use it, the more you'll be comfortable, but I'm TELLING YOU, it's super simple to get, once you get it.  I'll be gentle, and I will start with simple things for you to do.  Like a blank room with no furniture.  Then, a kitchen (lots of boxes, stuck to the wall,...cabinets lol not hard), then a bathroom, and then maybe get into some things in a living room or a bedroom, with some curves.

I'll teach you a simple way of drawing straight lines, in sketch form (you'll take scrap paper and make lines all over it to practice, practice, practice lol), same with circles.

I think that my next blog post will be about using an archtectural scale ruler.  Possibly, or soon within the next week or so, I'll post.