Monday, May 24, 2010

queen of hearts gold crown image of mine from 2001 on my products at

I'm uploading my Queen Of Hearts crown gold image, that I made for my customer's dog Queenie's fabric photo frame back in October 2001, and it's placement on my products.    This image was placed on my site back in 2002, and is archived on , showing so, at , November 2003 at, and GoldHeartCrown2x3Frm.jpg on back on Oct 22, 2002, see

Ok, so here they are on products:

Queen of Hearts Crown gold image on:

dog shirt, paw magnet, bone magnet, dog tag, necklace, key chain, nail clipper (for humans lol), watch, 4GB usb flash drive, bottle opener, key finder, tape measurer
Queen of Hearts Crown gold image on:

hand mirror, heart ornament, mug, cd / dvd case / wallet, t-shirt, chain purse, 3" button, memory card reader, postcard, mini greeting card, onesie, bib, tank top for women, office shoulder bag, wallet
Queen of Hearts Crown gold image on:

apron, tile coaster, desk pen holder clock, jewelry clock, glasses cloth, heart coaster, cushion cover 18" sq., jewelry case