Friday, September 27, 2013

$5 epattern crafts to make 6 pattern sizes of washable, sewn, fabric picture frames

at you can make sewing crafts for your home, as a gift, or for the holidays like Christmas like this $5 epattern with patterns to make 6 sizes of washable, sewn, fabric picture frames. Great for left over fabric from another project, upcycled or recycled clothes or home decor, neckties, textiles, print designs on inkjet fabric, and use the true to size patterns in the $5 epattern. The frame will have a pocket in the front for the photo and sheet protector sleeve, and pockets on the back for both the easel back board and strut leg board, that allow them to all slide out, plus a ribbon connecting the bottom of the strut leg pocket to the bottom of the easel back pocket's panel and button holes, using the zig zag stitch, for hanging. You'll use mat board or cardboard 1/16" thick, patterns included in the epattern, and you also use's Ultrahold Heat N Bond, or Featherlite, iron on, paper backed, adhesive, fusible web, cut to size for each pattern part, which you can buy from Joann's or Michael's craft stores, nationwide. You won't need any special tools, except things that you can buy from an arts and craft supply store, just use store coupons, or coupon codes online. And you can make them on your kitchen or dining room table.

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