Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#thefabricframe just uploaded pdf pattern download for you to make create your own fabric picture frame, 32 patterns - 8 photo frame sizes in 4 way at Craftsy.com

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#thefabricframe 32 photo frame patterns

4 pdf downloads included as well as
8 frame sizes, the 2 smallest frame sizes, in 4 ways, are convertible frame pin ornaments! Great for hanging 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" and 2x3" photos, by the new instant print cameras by Polaroid & Instax Mini, as well as smartphone portable photo printer devices by HP Sprocket and Prynt, to decorate a Christmas tree, hang around the house during the holidays, hang on an ornament tree for Halloween or Easter, or even Valentine's day! You can also use the 2 smallest frames as door or drawer knob hangers, or embellish a gift with them.  Just cut an extra piece of ribbon the hang them! And the easel strut legs are removable, interchangeable with metal brooch pin backs to wear as costume jewelry or a name badge, display a photo on your lapel. The strut leg is attached with hook & loop, such as sew on Velcro!

table / wall hanging - tabletop / wallart
handmade fabric photo frame patterns 8 sizes 4 ways
handmade photo frame patterns 8 sizes 4 ways
32 patterns, 261 pages

If you want to make a photo frame, using craft store supplies, AND it want it to stand on a table or hang on a wall, have it customizable, even washable (yes I make washable fabric photo frames, sewn & no sew), and can be made inexpensively, this download of patterns is for you!

These frames have been used by my customers for, & are great for:
photos - artwork - poetry display - signs - wedding / shower / party favors - name place card holders - sale signs for stores - table number display signs - invitation display - alternative to cards and invites - photo frame hanging ornaments - fashion jewelry lapel pin brooch buttons / name badges

This download is a papercraft in that most of the panels / parts are printed onto paperback, iron on, fusible web interfacing by Therm o Web, Ultrahold or HeatnBond Lite / Featherlite, sold in Walmart $7.99 for 5 yard roll, Joann Fabrics at joann.com, Michaels $10.99 per 5 yard roll minus 50% off coupon, AC Moore $12.99 per 5 yard roll, and thermowebonline.com $11.94, as of 2017. You can cut and get 32 - 8 1/2" x 11" pieces from the 5 yard / 4.6 meter roll, then you run each sheet through your inkjet printer to print the patterns on the paper side of the Therm o Web interfacing. That will yield 32 small frame patterns, or up to 2 frames for an 8x10" photo.

You'll need at least 5 five yard rolls to do all 32 of the frames, IF you choose to. Otherwise, make one frame at a time, by using the handy chart in the table of contents, that gives you EXACTLY how much of each supply that you will need, from fabric, to Ultrahold, to ribbon, to board, for each frame size and frame type, broken down into sections by type of frame, and size of photo.

Then iron the glue side to the fabric or vinyl. The washable, no sew, fabric frame patterns can be printed onto paper card stock for paper photo frames, just reverse those pattern pages, or mirror them in your printer properties window. The download includes patterns for the fabric covered mat board or cardboard panels, as well as the removable mat board or cardboard, easel strut leg & easel back panels that slide out of their pockets on the back of the frame, for the washable, sewn & no sew frames.

This download has everything you need to make your own fabric photo frame, or even made with paper card stock laminated, or vinyl - a gigantic ebook of 32 patterns, 8 picture frame sizes, in 4 ways:
sewing patterns that are washable
no sewing required but still washable
nonwashable fabric & Ultrahold covered mat board or cardboard parts / panels with bendable easel strut leg
nonwashable fabric & Ultrahold covered mat board or cardboard parts / panels with removable bendable easel strut leg - can use wood, clay, metal instead of mat board or cardboard, felt or vinyl between 2 pairs of 2 part bendable easel strut leg

photo & text, step by step instructions - specific supply list for each type of frame & size, with links to buy supplies
patterns included to print onto Ultrahold / HeatnBond Lite / Featherlite using your inkjet printer, board patterns included for covered and removable easel strut leg & easel back boards, that slide out of their pockets on the back of the frame

supplies needed:
-fabric 1/4 yard each for 2 smallest frames, which convert to hanging ornaments & brooch frame pin button badges, up to 2 yards for frame for 8x10" photo
 - inkjet printer printable patterns to print onto Therm o Web Ultrahold or HeatnBond Lite / Featherlite
- five  5 yard or 4.6 meter rolls, Therm o Web Ultrahold (for 3 no sew ways) or HeatnBond Lite / Featherlite (for sewing)- acid free paperback iron on fusible web interfacing using your inkjet printer 
- ribbon - 2 lengths of ribbon for washable, no sew or paper card stock frames, per frame
- mat board or cardboard - to cover with fabric & Ultrahold or for removable easel strut leg & easel back boards
- acid free sheet protector pages for protective photo sleeve, instead of glass - 50 sheet pages pack sold at Walgreens, Walmart, or Target - make sure that its labeled "acid free", also in scrapbook section of AC Moore, Michaels, & Joann Fabric, Staples - one page yields 10 2x3" photo sleeves, use a paper trimmer and straight pins to mark wear to cut
- pack of hot glue sticks & low temp hot glue gun (Cool Touch low temp glue gun is 75 degrees cooler than average low temp glue gun - perfect for kid crafts), also can use scrapbook tape or acid free glue stick for paper or covered board parts
-pack of straight pins - to help hold panels in place for sewing, or marking where ribbon goes into little opening pocket at bottom of frame panels to connect bottom of strut leg to easel back, between layers
utility knife or craft knife to cut mat board or cardboard
protective work surface, such as a self healing cutting mat, as to not cut into your dining room table's surface lol

roll of thread if sewing, I use 2500m Gutermann Toldi Lock - sews lots of frames, one per color
paper trimmer - can cut through mat board & cardboard
fabric rotary cutter - like a pizza cutter but for fabric cutting

Thank you!
Kristie Hubler, artist, inventor & pattern designer of Fabricated Frames washable, sewn or no sew, paper card stock, vinyl, & fabric covered mat board / cardboard picture frames, 8 sizes, 4 ways, plus custom, copyright protected. All Rights Reserved. Not for resale. For personal use only. If interested in selling these frames in your store, for resale, or product licensing, please contact Kristie at fabricatedframescom@gmail.com for licensing & royalty rates, wholesale, retail opportunities. Thank you!
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other sizes, 8 frame sizes, are available to purchase for $1 to $2, per size, per frame type, in my store at http://craftsy.com/profile/fabricated-frames  or browse the patterns in these sections, in beginner:
sewing  > table accessory
sewing > other
sewing > holiday

Watch my videos on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/fabricatedframesCom for a video tutorial, step by step guide in how I make my frames!