Sunday, June 8, 2014

Craftsy printables - $1 & $5 printable patterns for sewing crafts by Kristie Hubler

Craftsy is a great place to buy pdf patterns, those printable patterns that you can print out, and use over and over again.
My pdf patterns, once you buy them, are downloaded directly from Craftsy, and are affordable at $1 & $5, depending on how much you get in each pattern.

My patterns can be printed onto:
inkjet printer paper for just the patterns themselves, like this image below, to be printed on paper
which are then transferred onto Thermoweb Ultrahold acid free or Featherlite / Heat N Bond Lite fusible web, a paper backed, peel away adhesive that you iron onto the backs of your fabric pieces and use as a pattern for the finished fabric parts. Ultrahold and Heat N Bond Lite are available here, or in Michaels for $5 after you use their 50% store coupon, or AC Moore for the 5 yard roll. Available at Joann's by the yard $1.99 before using store coupons or if on sale.
some can be printed onto washable inkjet printer fabric sheets by June Tailor shown here:

Shown below is the $5 printable pattern for making 6 sizes of washable, sewn, fabric picture frames

and some can be directly printed onto Thermoweb EZ Print sheets, that are 8 1/2" x 11" fusible web, an fabric adhesive substrate, with peel away paper backing that you iron the backs of your fabric pieces and use as a pattern for the finished fabric parts. EZ print sheets are $7.99 for 10 sheets available here.

Some patterns you will print onto both inkjet paper AND washable inkjet printer fabric sheets, like the Paris / Eiffel Tower inspired art on six washable sewing crafts, where you would need 9 washable inkjet printer fabric sheets (buy the 10 pack here or cheaper at Joann Fabric using their 50% off store coupon or on sale as shown here for $12.49 for a 10 pack) to make: a picture frame for a 5x7" photo, 2 brooches - both with removable parts allowing for the frame AND 2 brooches to be washable - kitchen oven mitt
house shaped potholder
plus an ornament, which can be used to decorate a tree, hang on a wall, hang on a door knob, or attach it to a gift as a decorative embellishment. You can buy the the fabric sheets at June Tailor or go to Joann Fabric and buy them in the 3 pack, 10 pack, ans 25 pack, using Joann Fabric store coupons to save money. Below is the image with supply and tool list to make the 6 Paris inspired sewing crafts:
I am thinking about selling my art to print onto cardstock for cards or to print 8x10 versions for frames, as printables.

I keep everything fairly cheap because I know crafters, sewists, seamstresses, designers, and quilters are having to spend money on tools and extra supplies, so I keep the patterns cheap, and I also advice how to buy the tools and supplies as cheap as possible, so you get more bang for your buck, plus I'm promoting the craft, fabric, and sewing, vendors / suppliers that I use in the process.