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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

convert files to .pdf for FREE

Convert files to .pdf files for FREE. Yes, I did it today, found them online, you click on the link, go to the "more information" button, it takes you to the download page and you download it for free.  And just follow the directions.  You go to your document that you want to convert, open it, check it over, then click on the print button, and then in the print window, click on the primo pdf in your list of printers, act like you are going to print it, w/o any printer connected, and then follow the directions.  the primo pdf window opens, find your file that you want to upload and turn into pdf where it says to pick a folder, and then click on the button to change it to a pdf.  It's QUICK to.  It turned a 50MB MS Works document into a 3MB pdf file.  I like it!!!  Now, if I can get rid of this stomach illness tonight...